I'm a tomboy NorCal girl that currently calls the Midwest home. I married my best friend, Josh, at the young age of nineteen and we've been laughing, cooking, eating, exploring, and roadtripping together ever since. We've adopted Bruce Wayne, a happy Shih Tzu, and Bernadette, a cuddly Pekingese-French Bulldog, who thankfully also enjoy road trips and good food. We've been lucky enough to call Salt Lake City, Detroit, and now Franklin, Indiana home and each place holds a special place in our hearts. 

I have a baffling resume that includes freelance graphic design, sporadic culinary pursuits, starting a farmers market ice cream company, and a brief stint as an indie bookstore manager. I've learned to embrace my multi-potential and curiosity which usually has me diving headfirst into a new pursuit, learning everything I possibly can, working and creating with my new skills, and then skipping on to the next thing when I'm ready for something new. My parents don't understand it and my relatives can't keep up, but I enjoy my life and I'm grateful that I've been privileged enough to pursue passions that make me happy. I also have to give a major shoutout to Josh, who cheers me on tirelessly and supports me financially (or sacrifices with me so we can make ends meet) every time I decide to become a beginner again. He's pretty awesome and definitely the best pursuit I made.



Graphic Design
Web Design
Food Writing
Food Photography
Culinary School
Baking/Pastry Arts
Ice Cream Making
Creative Writing

Other Things I Love

Long conversations Josh
Cuddling with my pups
Feminism & activism
Reading literary fiction by women
Trying new food joints
Southeast Asian food
Paper goods & office supplies
Cooking with Josh
Long road trips with upbeat music
Reading cookbooks cover to cover
Thick and chewy cookies
Friends with big appetites