French Country Cooking by Mimi Thorisson


What a beautiful book! To begin with appearances, French Country Cookin by Mimi Thorisson wows. It's fabric spine and the ribbon bookmark with moody photographs of their life in France make you want to display this cookbook on your shelf or coffee table. I especially love the graphic on the inside cover of her home, giving us an idea of how they live, and the back inside cover that is a map of their village. It reminds me of reading children's books that immerse you so fully in the story, they show you every detail of everyday life, complete with maps. Thorisson completes that feeling with photos of her family and home with stories and descriptions that make you feel as if you are right there with them (if only!).

As for the recipes, I was pleasantly surprised to find I wanted to cook so many of them! When I say "pleasantly surprised", I must explain that I haven't cooked a lot of french food since culinary school as I often find it fussy with expensive ingredients and flavors that are not generally my style. But she skips the fuss to introduce us to country cooking, the meals they make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner using the ingredients they get in their town. Most of them require ingredients and tools I have on hand and the directions are not lengthy and complicated. I feel I can trust Thorisson's recipes and that her little twists on classics will impress me. So many of her gorgeous photos and descriptions of the food made me want to jump into the kitchen right away.

Recipes I can't wait to try:
Butternut pancakes with sage brown butter
Potato croquettes with Bayonne ham
Plantia's onion soup
Cinnamon crepes with cream and strawberries
Swiss chard gratin
Vanilla rice pudding with salted butter caramel sauce

Overall, this is a gorgeous cookbook with recipes I feel I can trust. If you're like me an generally stay away from French food but want to dip a toe in, this might be the cookbook for you!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review, but all opinions are my own.