Culinary School Week 1

I made it through my first week of school! It was a whirlwind and my feet are sore from a whole week spent on my feet after months of spending my days in an office chair. I can't believe how much I've learned in these past few days and still catch myself in awe that I'm even in culinary school. So I thought that week by week I'd share some of the highlights to remember these little moments and let you in on what I'm up to!

I was first in the class to cut myself (which means the first meat I cut in class was my own finger), but I only barely got the title as five minutes later a classmate sliced off the very tip of his thumb which really upstaged the cut on my pointer finger.

My favorite activity of the week was when our instructor had us get together and make a plan for cooking up at least six different soups using four different methods (clear, cream, potage, and puree) and the three different stocks we'd made earlier in the week (veal, fish, and chicken). We were given tons of room to be creative and work as a team to put together seven wonderful soups. I chose to make a classic french onion soup with the veal stock and our instructor spent some one on one time with me teaching me some awesome techniques that made the soup turn out amazing. We then presented our soups to each other and sampled everything for lunch!

After a very painful day spent on my feet in brand new chef shoes, I did lots of research for helping my very flat feet last a whole day of school. With the help of tempurpedic insoles and compression socks, I've managed to stay on my feet long after getting home! I know this sounds lame and doesn't seem to have much to do with school, but it's a miracle and not being THAT person sitting on a stool while dicing zucchini feels great. Life. Changed.

We had an insane snowstorm and I couldn't make it up to my third day of school and for the first time in my life I was really upset about missing class, even with a very legit excuse. I really wanted to be there and was so worried about what I'd miss. Thankfully my instructor knew the situation was out of my control and helped me get caught up the next day.

I'm loving everything about culinary school. I love that there's only seven other people in my class and we're getting along perfectly even though we all come from completely different backgrounds but we're bonded together by a love for food. I love that my instructors and director completely care about us and our goals and want to give us the best education possible. I love my chef knives. I love talking about food all day every day. I love putting on my chefs coat every day. I love using my hands and running around a kitchen and moving at a fast pace. I love being creative in a whole new environment. I love culinary school.

Can't wait to get back to it on Monday!