Culinary School Week 7 & 8


And it's all over. Just like that. Eight weeks have come and gone. On one hand I'm looking forward to sleeping in a little bit, not being on my feet all day or being in the car for more than an hour every day. But I'm going to miss it all so much. The amazing lunches day in and day out, the amazing instructors that taught me so much and encouraged me, hanging out with my classmates that were equally as passionate about food, and learning oh so much.

The past two weeks were pretty crazy as we prepared for our graduation dinner, putting the menu together, and getting food prepped in advance. If I thought the weeks before were a whirlwind, I was so wrong!

Last Tuesday, we had a few ideas for the dessert so we split into two groups to create two completely different dishes with many components and at the end of class we voted for our favorites! I was very excited to be making a chocolate based dessert and I was definitely rooting to serve that one at our dinner. It was a deconstructed s'mores concept with a graham cake with chocolate ganache and a tempered chocolate bottom, handmade marshmallows, hazelnut and graham ice creams with caramel sauce and graham crumble. Totally my style of dessert. The other team made a lemon tart with the same graham crumble, lemon mascarpone ice cream, strawberry rhubarb sauce, strawberry gelee, and the same marshmallows.

We plated each of the desserts, tasted, then anonymously voted. And this rich chocolate lover was surprised to find she liked the lemon dessert much more! We all did! With the exception of one vote. So we ate the rest of the chocolate dessert and made a few changes to the lemon dessert. Such a fun day. Pastry days are always my favorite.

The next day we took a field trip to one of Salt Lake City's largest and best catering companies to learn more about the behind-the-scenes and what they've learned in their many years of business. After a lot of learning, discussion, and touring their facility, we were able to step in and help their staff prepare for an event. Of course I chose to step in and help the pastry crew and had a lot of fun putting together a beautiful mousse dessert. Even doing the more mundane tasks like cutting acetate strips was nice- we were off in our own world, listening to music, doing our own thing with sweets. I loved it.

Then I was off to Indianapolis for the weekend, unfortunately missing PASTA DAY. I was so mad that the one day I couldn't make it, it had to be pasta day. At least it was a good weekend in Indy looking for a place to live.

This week was all go go go as we learned about and practiced hor d'oeuvres, prepped for our dessert, and started the process of prepping our dinner! It was pretty amazing how much we could get done in the few days before and it really helped us all relax for the day of, as we could focus on the bigger projects and plating.

But more on the graduation dinner another day, because it was a whole beast of its own. And of course I want to share pictures of the incredible food!