Triple Chocolate Chip Calzone


Growing up (and still to this day) there are two restaurants my family goes to for just about every occasion- Silver Dragon, the hole in the wall chinese place where the waiters know our names and usual order, and Claimjumpers, where they serve the chocolate chip calzone. Claimjumpers has other great qualities, like the vintage love tester machine in the lobby where for a quarter you can figure out if you're full of passion or "clammy". They also serve some amazing meat selections, french dip sandwich, and southwest egg rolls, all with portions that make your stomach feel like it's going to explode. Yet no matter how much food we eat, there is always room for the chocolate chip calzone.

Claimjumpers stuffs a calzone dough with white, milk, and dark chocolate chips and bakes it until the chocolate is warm and oozing in sweet perfection. They slice it up into smaller pieces and serve it with two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream and more chocolate chips on top. It's a gigantic serving (just like everything else in the restaurant) and those who are realistic will share it with someone else while us kids will insist we need one of our own, proclaiming that IF there's anything left over it makes a great breakfast. This was our routine for years.

Then when I moved away, I found myself craving this chocolate chip calzone like no other and would make sure to save time for a stop at Claimjumpers on every trip home. While some might meet up with friends for drinks, I would meet up with friends for chocolate chip calzones.


When I got married to Josh, I introduced him to the dessert I couldn't get enough of and he was hooked. On our honeymoon to Southern California, we drove across town to get to a Claimjumpers but when we couldn't find it on the menu and found they didn't have a pizza oven to bake it in, we apologized and left without ordering, and drove another thirty minutes to find the nearest chocolate chip calzone. Now every time we're in the vicinity of a Claimjumpers, we stop and order our favorite treat, sharing the plate and digging in with two forks.

Now we live in the midwest with no Claimjumpers for thousands of miles, yet the craving still strikes. It didn't take me long to finally break down and make a recipe for my own. It happens to make the perfect Valentine's treat that you can romantically share sitting next to each other at the table. So this week on A Prioritized Marriage, I've shared my version of Claimjumpers Chocolate Chip Calzone. I highly recommend you go give it a try. Or don't, if you like staying skinny and addiction-free.

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